These days, businesses worldwide, purposefully conducting their activities, step by step, are moving towards sustainability – maintaining harmony in society, nature, and human relationships, responsibly creating lasting value.

Therefore, we, the SilverTree team, guided by strong values, have freely and consciously decided to act responsibly in our daily business and thus step into the world of sustainable business.

Concept of Christmas Tree Cultivation

The entire SilverTree sustainable activity is certified by “Climate Tree Certificartion” – a concept of Christmas tree cultivation that participates in addressing common climate change challenges, with a primary focus on the issue of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This concept of conifer plantation cultivation requires maintaining at least 50% permanent mixed forest and naturally developed wildlife areas. Our Christmas tree cultivation plantations contribute to this natural CO2 absorption.

In order to balance and maintain CO2 absorption and a more natural ecosystem in tree cultivation plantations, our business is committed to carrying out theoretically and practically grounded documentation, providing comprehensive information on tree purchase, planting, and harvesting.

To further balance CO2 absorption in tree cultivation plantations and promote a more natural ecosystem, we commit to planting at least one new tree for each tree harvested. This contributes to reducing overall climate challenges.

To engage in public education, we encourage choosing a live Christmas tree. This choice benefits the environment and reduces the carbon footprint compared to purchasing an artificial tree. For example, according to the “British Carbon Trust,” the carbon footprint left by a single artificial tree can reach 40 kg of CO2, while natural trees only produce about 3.5 kg of CO2. Additionally, the cultivation of live Christmas trees is more beneficial to the environment due to CO2 absorption and oxygen release (an average of 10 tons/ha of CO2 absorbed per year, with about 7 tons/ha of O2 released in live Christmas tree plantations). In contrast, the production of artificial trees releases CO2 into the environment, leading to greater air pollution.

It’s also important to note that we take care of all SilverTree-acquired and customer-collected trees. Some trees are responsibly recycled, becoming fertilizer or biofuel. Others, which were grown and purchased in pots, are replanted for a second life. Up to 90% of these trees successfully thrive and continue to grow if they receive proper care throughout the holiday season, following our Christmas tree care recommendations.

Climate change-reducing products

The Climate Tree certification ensures that our sold Christmas trees are sustainable products that have a reduced impact on climate change.

Following the criteria set by Climate Tree Certificate, which includes requirements for reducing the climate change impact of the transportation process, we have made significant decisions in our tree removal policy. To minimize the CO2 emissions from transportation, we establish schedules for Christmas tree removal, organized by micro-districts.

Just as nature loves thriving trees, our business aims to contribute as much as possible to sustainable fir tree cultivation and responsible conservation. Therefore, taking a step alongside other environmentally conscious businesses and fostering a relationship between humans and nature based on sustainability is a good move.

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